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For all internationals living in Copenhagen, Denmark. To help each other whether that be help with where to search for apartments(see Files), advice how to search for jobs, information about upcoming events, where to find the best deals, tax help, bank help anything where we can help each other as an international community. NO SPAMMING! Sorry we do not allow selling of items in this group. Any sales adds will be deleted. Will post groups where you can sell very soon. Any rude or offensive members will be deleted.


(PLEASE make sure to make good use of our fabulous website as well: http://expatsincph.dk/ )

1. NO SELLING – We don’t allow selling of products and physical items in this group. That’s what Facebook Marketplace is for.

2. FREE STUFF IS FINE – If you’re giving something away for free, share away. Everyone likes free stuff. It would be silly to deprive the masses of free stuff.

3. OFFERING SERVICES IS FINE, WITHIN REASON – You are welcome to advertise your services in this group, paid or unpaid, within reason. We reserve the right to remove adverts if they’re repetitive or spammy, so don’t abuse it. This bring us on to the next rule…

4. NO SPAM – We don’t want the feed clogged up with the same message over and over again. If it’s not relevant to expats in Copenhagen or Denmark, or has been posted already, it will likely be removed. Repeat offenders will be muted or banned.

5. NO MLM – Seriously, nobody cares about your pyramid scheme. Keep it on your own page.

6. NO SCAMS OR ILLEGAL STUFF – We want everyone in here to be safe, and we don’t want the group to be shut down. For that reason, if you share anything in here that hints at illegal activity), you will be muted or maybe even banned. More extreme examples will also get you reported to the police. Don’t do it.

7. KEEP POLITICS AND RELIGION OUT OF IT – That goes for all sides. This group is not politically affiliated, and we don’t do religious stuff in here. Keep it on your own pages.

8. BE KIND – Racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. are not tolerated in here. Period. Offenders will be instantly banned. No chances. Be kind always, and if you can’t say anything constructive, don’t say anything at all. Not every post requires your opinion.

9. ENGLISH ONLY – This is so that everyone in the group can follow what is happening. If you don’t use English in your comments, you’ll be asked to repost. If it keeps happening, we’ll get the ban hammers out.

10. HOUSING OFFERS MUST CONTAIN PRICE – Posts that offer apartments or houses for rent, lease or buy, MUST include at least the exact rent/price expected to be paid, AS WELL as any deposits and/or down payments to be made. If any of the above mentioned is not included in the post, the post will be removed.

11. DON’T BLOCK THE MODMINS – Blocking any member of the admin team will get you instantly banned. No chances.


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